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Ecoflow Delta 1300 Review 2021

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EcoFlow DELTA 1300 - Beyond My Mind

What can the imagined outdoor power supply be used for? Charge mobile phones, computers, cameras? Before I started with EcoFlow DELTA 1300, I felt almost the same. But now it’s completely turn my perception upside down for DELTA, this is really so easy and ordinary !

As an outdoor mobile energy storage power supply that has repeatedly refreshed the TOP list of the US and Japanese crowdfunding platform, DELTA’s “mobile power station” deserves its name.. Compared with the general outdoor power supply, you can realize how powerful it is:

The power supply range is wider. The general outdoor power supply power is mostly around 1000W, while DELTA has reached 1800W. You know, the rated power of ordinary household kettles is 1200W. If the power is not enough, it will not even boil the water outdoors! In contrast, DELTA that can supply electric ovens, induction cookers, and car refrigerators to achieve a rich BBQ should not be too forceful.

The charging speed is faster. Whether the outdoor power supply is convenient, the charging time has the final say. It would be too much trouble if you have to recharge the battery for 7 or 8 hours after each use! The power of DELTA is reflected in this: It can be charged 80% in 1 hour. At this speed, I love it! Support vehicle charging and solar panel recharge. After DELTA is used, it can be recharged outdoors-it can be charged through the car cigarette lighter port, or it can be connected to a solar panel for charging.

Now, all the glamping, outdoor partying, outdoor work that I didn’t dare to think about before… can all be arranged!

EcoFow Delta 1300 Best Price

Save $300 on Delta 1300 – Available now for $1099 (Original price $1,399)

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EcoFlow DELTA Power Station

$1099.00    $1399.00

About the EcoFlow Brand

The EF Delta portable power station series is manufactured by EcoFlow and was launched in September 2019. Because this is a new product, from a relatively new brand, it is difficult to ascertain what type of quality and customer service to expect. For this reason, I decided to do some research to find out what lies behind the EcoFlow brand. This was not an easy undertaking, as information about the company is sparse. I suppose this is not surprising, since the brand has only been in existence for less than 3-years.

EcoFlow was founded in December 2016, and the company (EcoFlow Technology Ltd) was established in 2017. It all started with a vision held by four young tech entrepreneurs in the Drone development industry: Eli Harris (CEO), Fan Zheng, Hannah Sieber, and Lei Wang. Their ambition was to establish a tech company, supplying eco-friendly portable power products, with a social conscience. A modern, forward-thinking approach. They are devoted to the idea of sustainable, affordable, power solutions for a global market.

EcoFlow company headquarters are in San Francisco, CA, with a manufacturing facility in Guandong, China. Ensuring global compliance and the highest quality, the brand has a high level of certification: ISO 9001; CE; UL; MSDS; FCC; Test Report.

In a short space of time, EcoFlow has garnered a great deal of publicity and earned several accolades internationally. In 2017, the four founding members featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, in the Energy Sector.

Their first product, launched in June 2017, was the River Portable Power Station, a durable, waterproof outdoor portable power station. This product has earned a reputation for the brand as one committed to excellence. In august of 2018, EcoFlow formed a partnership with SunPower, expanding into the solar power market. After launching the Delta power station in 2019, the company began developing a new generation of upgraded River 600 series.

All indications suggest that EcoFlow is on a rapid trajectory toward greatness. Set to become a leader in the portable power industry.

EcoFlow DELTA 1300 Can power a wide range of electrical devices

$300 OFF

EcoFlow DELTA Power Station

$1099.00    $1399.00

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