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SurveySparrow Reviews – Pros & Cons

What is SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow is a survey and feedback management platform that allows businesses to create and administer surveys for determining the pulse of their employees and their customers. The software allows users to build and distribute surveys as natural as they can be, prompting genuine and authentic answers, comments, and opinions from respondents.

Employee Pulse Surveys helps companies create a working environment that is conducive to employee growth, collaboration, and better productivity among others. On the other hand, Customer Pulse Surveys helps companies and organizations identify what empowers their customers to purchase or avail their products and services, what ticks them off, and what makes them come back.

SurveySparrow is built to help with both, providing users with a crystal clear picture of what the sentiments of their target audience are and harness the power of feedback to steer their business towards a better, more profitable direction.

SurveySparrow user reviews


The price is very convenient and easy to use

This is a great application to ask shopper opinion on various subjects. it's likewise simple to utilize. My involvement in SurveySparrow is, in general, a legitimate one, since we work with a huge customer data set and this apparatus can uphold and deal with an outsized measure of information.


I totally love SurveySparrow it gathers clients' straightforward assessments additionally as paying you for your suppositions. The studies are not difficult to know and surprisingly simpler to complete and have numerous studies to wrap up. it's a truly incredible overview device and it is not difficult to utilize. you'll additionally make the most of its email promoting highlights.


It would be pleasant if there was a choice among free and their present least expensive arrangement, which isn't unreasonably modest, I don't care for how those studied are welcome to require other irregular overviews subsequent to completing the underlying one, yet I expect I comprehend why they are doing that.


I recommend it to everyone


surveymonkey was tough. The sparrow is simply wonderful. just that is enough. because it's very important.


There isn't a feature I don't like. I think it's easy and fast. I post a lot of survey. almost every week

Reasons for Choosing SurveySparrow

very easy and user friendly.


Reasons for Switching to SurveySparrow

because hardest


Excellent software and alternative to Typeform!

Excellent service and fast support!


I love that the software is flexible and not too expensive. Support are great and helped resolve my clients issues fast! My clients and their clients love this software. The best resolution to typeform issues!


There were a few issues at first with partial submissions and submissions still being submitted without consent but the team resolves those issues fast, no other company was as customer centric as surveysparrow.


Reasons for Choosing SurveySparrow

No other software was interactive or functional


Reasons for Switching to SurveySparrow

The software didn’t work with Facebook advertising causing my clients’ client to miss valuable leads


SurveySparrow - A simple and easy way to make surveys

I am solving getting customer feedback in a simple and easy way without making it a big task for them to complete or be put off by the complexity. So far I have had good response as customers dont seem to mind the surveys and they work well on a mobile.


The free trial of the Enterprise was an excellent idea to make sure you can see all the options, it was very simple to use and a lot of templates to get you started. There are a lot of addons which would be very useful when connecting to others online services.


It could do with a few more customizations and add ins for the program I use on a daily basis but it still works well and some of the buttons are not logical.


Reasons for Choosing SurveySparrow

It worked better on a mobile, it works with Zapier and the free trial without the hassle of entering your payment details was a good plus point.


A simple surveying tool.

The mobile-first approach is very welcome as today mobile is the most commonly used.


I like the personification of surveysparrow. After signup, it gives me a signup URL which is good for a quick lookup or can work without a website. If I need to take a survey for my personal quick survey I don't have to include my web dev in it. Just passing the web URL will be enough. The chat survey is completely new to me. The mobile version is very new and I think is perfect for the small screen. Making and sharing survey is very fast as sending survey through this platform is very easy. The UI is clean and does not show any unwanted info.


I don't think it has any major issue, just small tune-ups will be great. More template and extended reporting and exporting are needed.

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