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Animaker Review – Is Animaker Good?

Nowadays, it is not easy to make good animation videos.

You must either hire an agency or animation company, or you must learn animation yourself.

But fortunately, there are some animation software on the market that can help you create stunning animation videos without any animation or design knowledge.

Animaker is one of them.

Animaker is one of the most popular animation software on the Internet, anyone can use this tool to easily make excellent animation videos.

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What is Animaker?

Animaker is a site that offers a tool to create videos with animations and share them on platforms such as YouTube and social networks. Pieces of up to two minutes can make in the free version.

In Animaker, you can create 2D animation videos with characters that can be chosen from a catalog or make videos with infographics or typography.

The flexibility and potential of the new applications allow users with little knowledge in the field to develop all kinds of professional projects with minimal effort.

An example is Animaker, a web utility with which anyone can create animations and videos with little effort, and it is easy and fun.

Some Outstanding Features of Animaker

Easy to Use

Animaker is a really simple and easy-to-use platform for creating animation videos.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this tool can be used by anyone for any type of animation work.

It has a very clean interface and a drag and drop editor that even a 10-year-old child can use.

animaker editor

For creating videos, you just have to drag and drop the elements, place them into appropriate positions and give those elements some form of animation.

That’s it!

It’s not rocket science or very complex.

And that’s the beauty of this tool.

Tons of Professional Video Templates

Be it graphic designing or animation video creation, templates are a lifesaver. Templates not only help us to create stunning visuals and videos but also saves plenty of our time since we don’t have to create everything from scratch.

In Animaker you’ll get more than 1000+ pre-made video templates that you can use for creating your video.

They have templates in almost all the categories from YouTube intro, tutorial video, sales video to corporate and business video.

You name it and you’ll get into the Animaker template library.

Thousands of Video Assets

You won’t believe that Animaker has the world’s largest video assets.

They have more than 100 Million+ stock videos and images and not only that, they also have a huge library of animated characters, backgrounds, props, icons, BGs, sound effects, music, and more.

The amount of assets you’ll get on Animaker is just unmatchable to any other software.

You don’t have to create any goddamn thing. Just pick characters, props, background, and music from the assets library and you’re good to go.

Isn’t it super time-saving and easy?

Create Your Custom Character Easily

Like Vyond, you can also create custom characters on this tool.

Animaker gives you an option to create unique characters for your videos on the tool itself. It has over 15 facial features to customize and over 10 accessory slots that will help you to design your unique characters smoothly.

Animaker Character Builder

Since most animation software-created videos are similar, this feature will help you to make your videos unique and will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Auto Lip-Sync

This Auto lip-sync feature of Animaker will automatically sync your voice-over clips with the characters.

You also don’t have to spend time animating the character’s lips since Animaker does it automatically.

Auto lip-sync animaker

Syncing voice-over with the video is a really hectic task and thankfully Animaker takes off this heavyweight from your shoulders.

You just have to drop off your voice-over clips and align with the character and scene.

That’s it!

Now the Animaker will do all the work for you.

Complex Animation in Just a Single Click

Animation is a complex subject.

It takes a lot of time and hard work to animate a character in the right way. And almost the majority of video creators time goes behind animating the characters and scenes.

But Animaker has completely solved this major issue.

With Animaker you can do complex animations with a single click.

The smart move feature of Animaker lets you animate the characters and props in just a click of a button.

Tons of Royalty-Free Music

Animation videos without music and sound effects are like a body without a soul.

You just can’t create an animation video without music and sound effects.

However, these days it has become really hard to find royalty-free good music and sound effects on the internet.

But don’t worry, in Animaker you’ll get access to over 100+ royalty-free music tracks and thousands of sound effects that you can use on your video without taking anyone’s permission.

And most importantly all of these soundtracks and music are top class and will bring life to your videos.

Collaborate With Your Team

Unlike other software, in Animaker you can collaborate with your team while working on a project.

It will help you and your team to stay on the same page and everyone can work together without any problem.

This feature will be really useful for you if you already have a team or if you’re running a video agency.

Resize Your Video In just one click

This Animaker feature will allow you to resize your videos into different sizes for different platforms with a click of a button.

Now you don’t have to create separate videos for different sizes.

Instead, now you can convert that video into different sizes from the tool itself.

Animaker Pricing: How Much Does Animaker Cost?

Animaker is probably one of the most affordable animation video software on the planet right now.

It has super affordable pricing and almost anyone can afford it without putting too much pressure on their pocket.

Currently, Animaker has four different plans:

  • Basic – $120/yearly
  • Starter – $228/yearly
  • Pro – $468/yearly
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

is probably one of the most affordable animation video software on the planet right now.

It has super affordable pricing and almost anyone can afford it without putting too much pressure on their pocket.

Currently, Animaker has four different plans:

Basic – $120/yearly
Starter – $228/yearly
Pro – $468/yearly
Enterprise – custom pricing


$ 10 Monthly
  • $120/billed Yearly


$ 19 Monthly
  • $228/billed Yearly


$ 39 Monthly
  • $468/billed Yearly


  • Custom
  • Pricing

And surprisingly they even have a free plan that you can use for lifetime.

Although if you’re serious about your business and video then I won’t recommend the free plan since it has lots of limitations.

If you’re just starting out and want to explore the power of this tool then you can obviously go with the basic plan but if you have experience or want to create bulk videos then you can definitely check out the higher plans.

Remember that each plan has some sort of limitations, so you check out the comparison table on the pricing page of their website for better clarity.

FAQ about Animake

Animaker is really amazing animation software. It has a lot of features and assets that you rarely find on any other tool. I would say at this pricing, Animaker is definitely an amazing choice.

Yes, Animaker does have a watermark but only on the free plan. If you opt for any premium plan then you won’t get any watermark on the video.

Yes, Animaker is initially free to use but the free version has lots of limitations. You have to opt for a premium plan for using Animaker at its best.

Initially, Animaker doesn’t cost money and you can use it for free. But they also have premium plans that will open upon more features for you.

There is no doubt that Animaker is a safe website.

You can make your videos as long as you want there’s no limit to it.

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