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GTRACING Gaming Chair Review 2021

Are GTRACING Chairs Good Overall?

All the GTRACING gaming chairs we looked at were built with the highest of standards. We appreciate that GTRACING takes the time to research what kind of features gamers want in a gaming chair. This results in exceptional quality and comfort throughout their gaming chair line.

There are a lot of flashy, attractive gaming chair brands out there. But from what we’ve found, you’re often sacrificing looks in favor of comfort. And let’s be honest here – I think we can all agree that a comfortable gaming chair is much more beneficial than a pretty chair.

Lessons Learned
As you will see from the following chair reviews, GTRACING delivers the goods where it matters the most. The long hours spent researching each GTRACING chair were both enjoyable and educational. We learned quite a lot as to what it takes to make quality chairs for gamers.

So take a seat, kick back, and make note of the features that are most important to you as a gamer. This will help you narrow down which gaming chair is most suitable to your needs.

The 4 Best GTRACING Gaming Chair

1. GTRACING Gaming Chair Review: GT099 (Red)

For our first GTRACING gaming chair review, we’re going to be looking at the GT099. If you need a sporty, comfortable chair for gaming, this one is definitely worthy of your attention. As a gaming chair, GTRACING pulled out all the stops to bring you a product with all the right features.

As you will see in the review of this chair, GTRACING made sure to craft the GT099 with some of the highest of production values. This results in consumers having access to a GTRACING chair that is sure to provide years of service.

The GT099 boasts a highly-durable metal frame underneath the thick, plush padding that envelopes the entire gaming chair. GTRACING ensures that you are investing in a gaming chair that will enhance your gaming sessions by offering up incredible comfort.

Key Takeaway: Built to Last

When you factor in the range of adjustability that’s on deck here, you’ll be able to play for long hours without feeling pain or fatigue. And that, my friends, is perhaps the hallmark of high-quality gaming chairs. The ability to play as long as you like without feeling stiff or sore when you’re finished screams of exceptional craftsmanship.

This is easily one of the best that we have yet to try. We do, however, have one minor complaint with this gaming chair. Ergonomic praises aside, we feel that the armrests could use a redesign. Don’t get me wrong; they are comfortable enough. But we’d prefer a bit more room to rest your elbows and forearms.

With that being said, this isn’t a deal-breaker. As a gaming seat, there’s simply too much to like. From the price to the many practical features, GTRACING delivers a winner that is sure to make any gamer happy.

2. GTRACING Gaming Chair Review: GT890-M (Blue)

Looking to put some beats in your seat? GTRACING’s GT890-M offers an immersive gaming experience thanks to built-in Bluetooth surround sound speakers. The end result provides crisp, clear, stereo sound that adds a whole new layer to gaming. This GTRACING gaming chair is crafted with comfort and convenience in mind.

During our time spent with this GTRACING chair review, we were blown away by the clever production decisions that went into designing this gaming chair. It boasts some smart chair features that go a long way in delivering an enjoyable experience for gaming. If you want a gaming chair that is unique, the GT890-M fits the bill.

We love that GTRACING went with Bluetooth for their sound system. This allows for greater versatility and freedom in how you use your gaming chair. This makes it easy to connect a litany of devices, from laptops to tablets to smartphones. It’s easily one of the user-friendliest gaming chairs we’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

Key Takeaway: Lasting Comfort

The high-quality construction found on the GT890-M is typical of GTRACING. A metal frame provides long-lasting structural integrity, ensuring that you will get plenty of use out of this chair. High-density foam and soft pleather combine to deliver some of the most best support you’ll find. And perhaps best of all, the price is more than reasonable.

Once again, we would prefer it if GTRACING offered a little more arm room, but at least there’s plenty of adjustability throughout this gamer chair, from the armrests, to the seat height. As such, we can’t knock this too much for this one caveat. It doesn’t detract from the overall comfort that the GT890-M provides, with the pros far outweighing this one subjective con.

3.GTRACING Luxury Series

Do you prefer the finer things in life? Then you might want to explore the offerings of the GTRACING Luxury Series ergonomic office chair. This high-quality entry takes things to the next level in almost every aspect. As you will soon discover, GTRACING spared little expense in producing one the best they have to offer.

We really enjoyed our time with this one. We appreciate the effort that the design team put into this seat. The end result is an elegant, comfortable, and well-built chair for gamers.

High-density foam and faux leather are once again used throughout construction in this gaming chair. The seat is thick and durable, yet plush and inviting all at the same time. It’s a tried-and-true combination that yields exceptional comfort and support.

Key Takeaway: Luxurious, Yet Reasonably Priced

We understand why GTRACING opted to go the artificial route with pleather, as it helps to keep costs low so that anyone can enjoy the Luxury Series gaming chair. The use of real leather would have caused the cost to skyrocket, putting this GTRACING gaming office chair in a niche market that only caters to a select few.

As it stands, you’re getting some of the finest performance of any GTRACING chair. Ergonomic features throughout the chair provide for a better gaming experience. A soft and supportive headrest pillow enables your neck to rest safely in place while gaming.

Easily our favorite addition is that of the versatile, 4D armrests. The freedom of movement and positioning is nothing short of extraordinary. This allows for greater comfort, while delivering an exceptional range of motion.

If you need a gaming chair that is built to last, the Luxury Series is right up your alley. It sports a durable metal base that is sure to give you the lasting support you need – especially for your neck and back. As such, this GTRACING gaming chair has a weight capacity of anywhere between 300 and 400 pounds.

4. GTRACING Ace Series

The Ace Series is one of those rare gaming chairs that comes along every so often that breaks all the norms. As you’ll see in this GTRACING chair review, the Ace Series packs in all the comfort a gamer could want. But the big shocker is that it’s done such that there’s incredible value.

If you’ve been looking for a luxury class seat but don’t want to break the bank, the Ace Series is the perfect gaming chair for your needs. It features exceptional build-quality throughout, with large, padded 4D armrests. Its high-quality construction allows for longer gaming sessions and improved performance.

The seat is made of high-density foam that reduces neck and back pain and offers incredible support throughout your body. This GTRACING gaming chair also features a flexible reclining range that provides for some of the best versatility around. We love that this GTRACING chair provides as much freedom as it does.

The Difference

Many gaming chairs on the market today are awfully limited in how they allow you to sit. And if you want a chair that features greater freedom, you usually have to pay a handsome sum for it. GTRACING bucks this trend and delivers an affordable alternative that offers people both comfort and flexibility.

Thanks to an improved metal base, you’re getting greater durability, as well. The Ace Series gaming chair can support up to 290 pounds without breaking a sweat, allowing people of all shapes and sizes to enjoy this GTRACING chair.

As you can tell from our review of this gaming chair, GTRACING really knocked it out of the park. The Ace Series is a gaming chair that never ceases to amaze, and this is largely due to its respectable price. Gaming chairs typically aren’t this well-built and affordable.

All throughout our chair review of the Ace Series gaming chair, we were thoroughly impressed with what GTRACING was able to accomplish. This is especially true when you factor in the low price range.

If you are in need of a gaming chair that is sure to last, has a comfortable seat, and plenty of user-friendly features, the Ace Series won’t disappoint. This GTRACING ergonomic gaming chair is sure to provide you with an improved gaming experience without costing you an arm and a leg.

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