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Typesy Review 2021 – VIP Cloud Edition

After reviewing Typesy for about three weeks, it’s safe to say that this tutor is one of the best available options at the moment, especially for families, homeschool or multiple users. The biggest benefit apart from the intuitive learning strategies is certainly the ability to customize the tutor to your own needs be it creating your own classes or use the type of material that actually interests you.

Great accessibility – With an excellent and responsive interface, advanced progress tracking, short but informative video training, and a large number of games and training programs suitable for both children and adults, Typesy gets a recommendation for its accessibility, usability and technical features. Once you have finished the course you will also get a certificate to prove your typing skills.

Learn in context – Furthermore, all of the activities and features have been coordinated carefully, thus, don’t be ashamed if you discover that you are spending more time playing Typing Monster instead of watching training videos! You’ll see that it helps just as much. Furthermore, remember the option to import own material to build a more personalized relation to your exercises.

5 User accounts – Talking about accounts, many tutors offer a single-user license and a multiple-user one separately. Typesy offers only one license with 5 user accounts and unlimited installations. I think this a clever marketing strategy as the price per user drops, and you can skip thinking who else might want to use it in the future.

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Price: $9/month
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Typesy Review Summary
Advanced typing tutorial. Easy to use interface. Video lectures. Step by step courses. Mac OS | Windows | Chrome.

Homeschool ready. A late entry into the market but with strong ambitions. Typesy now offers a full homeschool curriculum to learn to type. Manage students’ dashboards, goals, and lessons through an easy to use backend interface.

Have you used Typesy? What were your initial typing goals, and did you reach them? If you encountered any issues while learning and wish to provide brief feedback, please comment below.

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