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CreativeBug Classes Reviews


Offering dynamic, and relatively affordable, arts and crafts courses from knitting to jewelry making, quilting to sewing, Creativebug is both affordable and accessible. Customers can either subscribe and keep a customized playlist of all of their favorite online courses, or they can pay as they go and access a multitude of courses, picking and choosing the ones they wish to view.

Creativebug is a great choice of online course service provider for customers who are looking for affordable and accessible online courses that are high quality, dynamic, and engaging. Customers can either subscribe to the service and gain unlimited access to hundreds of varied arts and crafts -related online courses, or they may pay as they go, choosing and picking which online courses they want to watch.

Course Offering

Specializing in providing customers with quality online courses in the arts and crafts field, Creativebug is designed for customers who are looking for affordable and easily accessible online courses in a variety of hobby-related subjects including knitting, quilting, jewelry making, and sewing, just to name a few.

Creativebug will also notify their subscribed customers of any new online courses offered by the service, and any new instructors featured in upcoming online courses, so as to allow first access to subscribed users. The only major drawback I could find where Creativebug is concerned has to do with the service not including relevant course materials or allowing customers to purchase said materials off of their website, as is the practice with some of the service’s competitors.


Customers will be able to choose between subscribing to the service, gaining access to hundreds of online courses, or they can pay as they go with the provider’s ‘A La Carte’ pricing plan that offers customers the opportunity to try Creativebug’s services with no commitment.

Ease of Use

Creativebug is easy to use and easily accessible from any PC with an internet connection, in addition to being available via its free mobile app on any iPhone or iPad. Subscribed customers can easily add or remove online courses from their customizable playlist at any time and can review and re-visit any online course with their unlimited lifetime access.

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