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Hippo Video Review – Is Hippo Video Marketing Tool Worth Buying?

Video is one of the most efficient marketing tools for businesses across the globe. On top of it, almost 90% of the consumers want to see more videos from their favourite brands. Reason? Videos are more appealing, informative & entertaining.

So, therefore, for every Brand that wants to grow & sustain itself in the competitive market, videos are a boon. But creating videos is not easy, I get that. And that’s why the market for video marketing tools has exploded today. There are hundreds of such tools available.

In this Hippo Video Review, I will be talking about one of the most raging video marketing tools. This tool has taken the market by storm & so we are here to analyze it worth all the hype? I will also show you how it fares in the Hippo video vs Loom.

So let’s get started.

What is Hippo Video?

Hippo Video is a complete video marketing platform that provides marketing teams with the capability to effectively communicate the value of their products or services, promote brand awareness, and gain more customers by creating, editing, and sharing customizable video contents online. The video marketing platform is also built to optimize sales processes and enhance the delivery of customer support. With Hippo Video, it is very simple to create videos. Marketing teams and professionals can generate awesome videos from images as well as produce videos directly within the tools they are using everyday.

Why You Should Use Hippo Video?

‘We are a team who think videos have taken the world by storm!’ says the Hippo Video team. Here, I have laid out some reasons you might need Hippo Video to up your marketing game.

1. Improves your Digital Marketing game!

In my opinion, like peanut butter and jelly, video and marketing go hand in hand.

Since the advent of traditional television commercials in the 1960s, video has become a staple of people’s lives. From YouTube, Snapchat, Vidello, and Instagram, to Facebook Live, audio and video are intrinsic to our everyday lives.

Video marketing provides marketers with an attractive, versatile, and highly shareable medium to reach their audiences while offering convenience and efficiency for consumers.

In my eyes, video marketing is one of the vital and powerful marketing tools for digital marketing. A solid digital marketing strategy is incomplete without a video marketing campaign!

Hippo Video software is what you need for a secure video hosting medium. Your marketing team can host video content on the cloud and even embed videos on landing pages and websites via Hippo Video software!

Create, record, share and edit videos all through Hippo Video.

2. Better email marketing!

9 out of 10 people check their email every day.

Given such a statistic, it’s no wonder email marketing is the marketing tool of choice. Despite this, email marketing ROI can look a little bleak at times.

Unsatisfactory email campaigns can confuse an era when opening emails is such a big part of people’s lives, and a critical question arises:

Consumers are constantly checking their emails, yet they are ignoring your brand’s messaging?

You might want to think twice before eliminating email marketing: 73% of millennials prefer to receive marketing material by email.

There may be no problem with the marketing channel in the end, but with the delivery of the message.

Are your email marketing campaigns doomed? Do consumers and marketers have any input on how to improve email marketing? Don’t worry! I got your back or might I add Hippo Video did?

Something I like about Hippo Video is its feature that enables you to embed videos on emails and a run personalized video email campaign at scale to reach a wider audience and boost engagement.

3. Up your sales game!

Bored of the same old presentation sales pitch? Finding it difficult to break the wall between you and your prospect?

Hippo Video is a video Cx platform that lets your sales team record quick product demos and walkthrough sales videos to pique the prospects’ interest.

Create and personalize a video testimonial to build your prospects’ and customers’ trust and keep them engaged with video content to create sales funnels!

The coolest feature that I found inside the software is that it enables you to measure video performances through analytics to scope and qualify leads better!

Okay, as we are talking about cool features and benefits, let’s take a deep dive into it!

Hippo Video Features

Hippo Video is loaded with a lot of features. Let’s check out some of the best ones.

Create Awesome Videos Effortlessly

Hippo Video makes the process of creating awesome videos effortlessly. The platform enables users to produce videos through webcam recording, screen capture, and audio recording. They can also create videos from the images they uploaded to the platform or selected from Hippo Video’s own image library. Here, they will be able to come up with a video that only contains images and add a sound or music which will be played in the background.

Produce Videos Directly Within Your Favorite Tools

The platform can be integrated with other tools such as Gmail, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Intercom, Slack, and Trello. Because of this, users can now create videos directly within the tools and applications they are using every day. This way, they can produce awesome videos without the need to leave their favorite tools.

Perform Simple Video Editing Tasks

To make their videos more stunning, exciting, and interesting, Hippo Video provides users with video editing tools and features. The video marketing platform is built with a video editor that allows them to perform simple video editing tasks like cropping video clips and blurring out specific areas or objects within the video that show sensitive information. The video editor, furthermore, lets them explain certain sections of a video so viewers can consume and understand video contents better. Thus, Hippo Video allows users to add texts, emojis, and callouts to their videos.

Supports Advanced And Professional Video Editing

Hippo Video supports advanced video editing tasks. These are tasks that are usually performed by professional video editors. For instance, it enables users to record narrations and add them to videos. They can also configure video clip settings to adjust values for width, opacity, fade in and fade out, volume, and more.

Promote Brand Awareness Through Video Player Customization

The video marketing platform applies different techniques for promoting brand awareness. One technique is by customizing a video player. Users can customize their video player by adding their own logo, choosing a theme, and adding thumbnails and call-to-actions.

Add Call-To-Actions To Your Videos

Hippo Video was created and developed to help marketing teams and professionals gain more customers, allowing them to convert viewers into active and loyal customers. In marketing, the use of call-to-actions is a great way to increase conversions. Call-to-actions use words or phrases that provoke and encourage audiences to immediately take actions, giving them a sense of urgency and guiding them so they’ll know what to do in case they accept an offer or choose to subscribe.

The platform allows users to leverage call-to-actions as they promote their products or services through video marketing. Different types of call-to-action can be added to videos such as annotations, images, and HTML links. They are also given the option to define the date when the call-to-action will start showing up and the date when they will disappear. These call-to-actions can redirect viewers to specific web pages or websites.

Collect Viewer Or Audience Information Using Web Forms

Adding web forms directly within videos is also made possible. With this feature, users will be able to easily collect all important information about their viewers. Later on, they can use this information to reach out to prospects and existing customers.

Seamless Video Collaboration

The video marketing platform permits users to store all their videos in a secure cloud environment. This makes it easy for them to collaborate on videos. Team members can access the video contents they need according to the roles and permissions assigned to them.

Organize Videos Into Different Video Categories

Marketing teams and professionals will be able to collaborate better if the videos they are working on are organized systematically. Because of this,  Hippo Video offers video hosting features such as the ability to organize videos into different video categories.

Automatic Transcoding Capability

Another video hosting feature available in Hippo Video is its capability to automatically transcode videos. Transcoding is the process of converting videos into multiple versions and formats to match the attributes of specific devices and give users a seamless video playback experience. The video marketing platform applies transcoding to produce video resolutions optimized for various users depending on their Internet speed.

Share And Distribute Video Contents Online

Sharing and distributing videos using Hippo Video is, likewise, effortless. Users can share videos in different ways. One way is by generating a video link which they can post on social networking sites or send via email. They can also upload videos to video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Google Suite. If they want to embed a video onto a website, webpage, or application, that is possible as well.

Spark Video Engagements

Video engagement is a powerful feature included in the video marketing platform. This feature assists users in making sure that viewers and audiences are able to interact with video contents and given ways to share what they think and feel about the videos they are watching. Because videos can be shared on social networking sites like Facebook, viewers can add comments on videos. Users, then, can respond back to spark interactions.

Notifications are also automatically sent out so users are alerted whenever their videos are being watched or when viewers are commenting on videos. This way, marketers can discover how people are engaging with their videos, understand their reactions, feedback, feelings, and thoughts; and come up with decisions faster.

Video Marketing Analytics

Hippo Video delivers all the essential data marketing teams and professionals need in order for them to measure and analyze the performance of their video marketing campaigns as well as gain insights into video engagements. The platform generates metrics and stats that help them determine how many of the audiences they tried to reach out actually watched the videos, how long they played and watched the videos, how many of them left a positive comment or feedback and shared the videos online, and how many of the audiences who watched the videos converted as subscribers or buyers.

They can also check which specific geographic locations are driving higher video engagements. Moreover, video marketing campaign performance and video engagement can be evaluated at the viewer level. Here, users will be able to find out the number of call-to-actions a particular viewer has clicked and the video contents that he or she is most interested in.

Hippo Video Pros & Cons?


  • Screen Recording Feature
  • Facility to add logo & Brand color to the videos
  • Integration with Outlook & Gmail
  • Teleprompter is very effective
  • Full-service Video marketing tool
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Free Trial without adding Credit Card details


  • Sometimes the tool hits a snag
  • Doesn’t have a lot of free templates
  • Load time for videos is more

Hippo Video Pricing Structure

Hippo Video offers a wide range of marketing plans for your different needs. Check out the detailed Hippo Video Pricing in the below images. For more details, you can visit their website here.

Hippo Video Review - Conclusion

This platform was built by marketing professionals exclusively for online video. You can create marketing videos using the marketing video maker. It can generate loads of leads, and close more deals.

You can create videos with Hippo Video’s easy-to-use user interface even if you’re a newbie. Hippo Video features like GIF creator make it unique from Hippo Video’s similar software.

All in all, it boosts engagement and keeps the prospect’s interest at pique while making your work stunning and easy!

I hope this Hippo Video Review will help you clear all your doubts about the tool. In case you need more information, you can visit their website here

Faq About Hippo Video

Anyone who wants to create eye-catching videos can use Hippo Videos. But it’s specially tailored for marketers, sales teams, online tutors, coaches & educational institutes. Hippo Videos can make their job a tad easy & efficient.

Yes, you can opt for a free trial by creating an account.

Yes, it is very helpful for online coaches & tutors.

Yes, you can use Hippo Video to record your screen, while at the same time having your webcam record your face, so that your face appears in a circle (or rectangle) on the screen. 

You can create over-the-shoulder tutorials, product demos, explainer videos, you name it!

Upon downloading the Chrome extension, simply set the preferences to Screen Record, Webcam, Audio, or any combination of the three, and press Record.

Log in to Hippo Video with your existing credentials. Click on ‘Library’ from the left navbar and then select the video you want to edit. Above the video preview, by hovering over the ‘Edit Video’ button you will notice two options: Quick Edit and Pro Edit. Click the ‘Pro Edit’ to reveal all of the editing capabilities. 

No. With Hippo Video you can remove the watermark from any recording, and brand your videos to your own branding.

The ease of use is so much easier to grasp, plus it’s 10 times easier to create, edit, store, share and track your videos. In addition, you can screen capture, webcam capture, or audio capture thus it allowed me to eliminate the need to use tiny screen capture + Zoom to create, edit, and produce videos, to name a few!

There is a free trial period with Hippo Video that you can screen record for free, but with limited storage and features. After the trial period is up you will have to subscribe to a plan.

No. Your content will stay in Hippo Video and cannot be deleted unless you delete it yourself.

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