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Khan Academy Review 2021


A not-for-profit organization, Khan Academy strives to offer users a varied selection of high-quality online courses in the field of art, math, science, business, and technology. All of Khan Academy’s online courses and learning materials are completely free of charge and fully accessible from any PC with an internet connection, and all courses come with advanced performance statistics and assessment capabilities.

Khan Academy is recommended for its ease of use and fully accessible, free of charge, online courses. Users who are looking for a more structured learning experience will find the peer assessment, personalized performance feedback, and progress statistics, provided free by this service, very helpful additions. Though students will not be awarded any certificates upon course completion, they will be issued badges and bragging points each time they meet their preset goals.

Course Offering

Khan Academy courses are especially recommended for students who are looking for a more structured virtual learning environment. Students will be able to take advantage of high-quality courses, led by industry experts, and have those experts monitor and comment on their progress with personalized performance feedback. Users will also be able to track their own progress and success rate via detailed performance statistics and peer assessments.

Though Khan Academy does not provide the verified certificates, or certificates of achievement, commonly awarded upon course completion by some of its competitors, the service does issue badges, and what is referred to as ‘bragging points’, to students who have met certain course requirements. These badges or points are used to bolster students in their learning experience and are designed to allow students to compare and show off their progress with other students.

Khan Academy users will also be able to use the service’s new, innovative, ‘Goal Setting’ feature designed to allow students to plan out their learning schedule and customize their online courses playlist, as well as be rewarded with badges and points when they accomplish their preset goals.


Khan Academy stands out as a great value by offering online courses completely free of charge. Uses get unlimited free access to high-quality courses led by industry experts.

Ease of Use

A great option for students who wish to learn at their own pace, at any time and from anywhere, Khan Academy provides its users with complete access to its varied selection of free academic courses, available in an array of categories including arts and crafts, business, health and fitness, education, and math and sciences. Users can view their online courses at any given stage, from any PC with an internet connection, or via the service’s sophisticated iPhone and iPad apps.

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