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LashLiner Reviews

FAQ About LashLiner

LashLiner was founded by photographer, beauty queen, business owner, and inventor, Laura Hunter. Laura hails from Seattle, Washington and has long had a heart for the beauty industry and for empowering women. She competed in beauty pageants for many years and is the current owner of the Ms. World Pageant.


Laura is also something of an inventor and loves coming up with brand new, never-before-seen beauty products. In early 2018, after much trial and error, she was able to take her idea which she named, The LashLiner System, and turn it into a world wide phenomenon.


Since founding LashLiner, Laura has gone on to launch sister-company, Tori Belle Cosmetics, and has continued to bring ground breaking new cosmetic products to market.

LashLiner started small…in Laura Hunter’s living room to be exact. They quickly outgrew that and moved into an office in Everett, about 30 miles north of Seattle, and this year (2020) they moved again into a much larger office/warehouse in Bothell, Wa.

There are a few reason why we think LashLiner is the number one choice out of all the magnetic lash options on the market today.

Product Quality

We don’t claim to have seen all the lashes out there, but we have seen quite a few, and none of them compare to LashLiner when it comes to product quality. All you have to do is hold them in your hands to feel the difference. Lashliner is heavier and better made, which equals more durability and more uses than the competitors.

Made In The USA

We all know the quality of a lot of the stuff that comes from China these days. LashLiner Lashes are made in the USA which is a huge plus for us.

Customer Service

LashLiner stands behind their products and they are all about serving their customers well. When you contact their customer support, you aren’t communicating with someone half a world away. They have a fully staffed support team that operates out of their office in Washington. If you need help with something simply message them on FB or contact them via their website.

Hey, great question! LashLiner is a completely e-commerce company. They don’t sell to chains, they don’t do direct sales, and they don’t operate brick and mortar stores. This allows them to keep their overhead low and their prices affordable. It also enables them to keep a constant eye on their product quality and make sure that they are providing their customers with the best lashes out there.

You can shop for lashes 24/7 with free U.S. shipping on LashLiner’s website.

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