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ManyChat Review: Is It Worth Trying Out?

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In the realm of digital marketing, effective customer communication is key, and ManyChat stands at the forefront of this revolution. Originating as a simple chatbot for Facebook Messenger, ManyChat has expanded its capabilities, becoming a versatile tool in digital marketing. Its intuitive design allows users, regardless of technical expertise, to create engaging chatbots without any coding knowledge, making it a popular choice among businesses of all sizes.

① What is ManyChat?

As a long-time user of ManyChat, I’ve experienced firsthand the transformative impact it has had on my e-commerce business. This conversational AI tool has been a game-changer in automating interactions across various platforms, including text messaging, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

The real magic of ManyChat lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate with my Shopify store. I’ve been able to send personalized messages to customers, especially targeting those with abandoned carts, which has significantly boosted my sales. The platform’s white-labeled nature allows for consistent branding across all communications.

ManyChat’s dashboard is a powerhouse of functionality. It simplifies my daily operations, from scheduling meetings and sending reminders to gathering customer feedback and sharing updates. The ability to tag and categorize customers has streamlined my marketing efforts, making it easier to target the right audience.

What really sets ManyChat apart is its flexibility in creating custom chatbot workflows. I’ve run A/B tests to fine-tune my campaigns, and the insights I’ve gained have been invaluable in enhancing campaign efficiency. The drag-and-drop interface is a breeze to use, making campaign creation, duplication, and modification across social networks incredibly user-friendly.

In summary, ManyChat isn’t just a tool; it’s an integral part of my marketing strategy, helping me connect with customers more effectively and grow my business.

② ManyChat Key Features

Simplified User Interface
I’ve found its features remarkably beneficial for my eCommerce business. The platform’s user interface stands out for its simplicity and clarity, available 24/7. The inclusion of Basic and Flow Builders is a boon, allowing me to craft basic or more intricate conversation flows effortlessly. What’s more, the Basic Builder offers additional guidance, making the process even smoother.

Effortless Facebook Integration
Integrating ManyChat with Facebook is a breeze. A simple button click verifies my Facebook page, and the platform guides me through accessing my website and Messenger services. It even lets me add more pages if needed and provides a sample message to showcase what ManyChat can do. The provided URL for the bot helps in marketing efforts.

Choice of Builders: Flow and Basic
The Flow Builder and Basic Builder cater to different needs. Flow Builder offers a comprehensive view of user interactions, while the Basic Builder keeps chatbot content organized and easily manageable.

Customizable Chatbot Automation
Customizing chatbot automation is straightforward, ensuring my chatbot functions precisely as intended. Adjusting the chatbot’s default response was crucial to make it more personalized and effective.

Pro User Growth Tools
ManyChat’s growth tools, especially for Pro users, like the Facebook Comments tool, are invaluable. They convert post comments into bot subscribers and work alongside my Facebook marketing strategies, providing metrics like impressions, opt-ins, and conversion rates.

Live Chat Feature for Enhanced Engagement
The Live Chat feature addresses queries that the bot can’t, allowing me to personally engage with users. This, combined with AI and NLP capabilities, although basic, enhances user interaction significantly.

Template Integration for Efficiency
Lastly, ManyChat’s compatibility with third-party templates is a time-saver, especially when generating leads. It’s a comprehensive tool that has significantly enhanced my engagement and marketing efforts.

③ ManyChat Plan and Pricing

ManyChat’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of its users, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. The platform offers several plans, each with distinct features and capabilities.

Free Plan
This plan is ideal for businesses starting out or managing up to 1,000 contacts. It provides basic chatbot features suitable for engagement on platforms like Instagram and Facebook Messenger, without any cost.

Pro Plan
Starting at $15 per month, this plan scales based on the number of contacts. It’s designed for growing businesses needing advanced features and unlimited growth tools for broader customer engagement.

Premium Plan
Tailored for large businesses, this plan offers custom solutions and dedicated automation expertise from ManyChat, with pricing and features customized to specific needs and scale.

Free$0Up to 1,000Basic featuresStandard support
ProStarts at $15/monthScales with contactsAdvanced features, unlimited toolsPriority support
PremiumCustomCustomAll features, expert automationDedicated support

④ ManyChat User Experience

ManyChat’s user experience is a standout feature that has garnered praise from a diverse range of users. The platform’s design focuses on simplicity and efficiency, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.

  1. Ease of Setup: Many users highlight the straightforward setup process as a major benefit. The platform’s intuitive interface, featuring a drag-and-drop chatbot builder, allows for quick and easy creation of chatbots without requiring any coding knowledge. This ease of setup is especially appreciated by small business owners and marketers who may not have technical expertise.

  2. Customization and Flexibility: ManyChat offers a high degree of customization, enabling users to tailor chatbots to their specific needs. Whether it’s for customer service, marketing, or sales, users can create unique chatbot flows that align with their goals. This flexibility is often cited as a key factor in improving customer interactions and engagement.

  3. User Support and Resources: The platform is known for its robust support system, including a comprehensive knowledge base, responsive customer service, and an active community forum. This support network is invaluable for users, particularly when navigating new features or troubleshooting issues.

  4. Maintenance and Updates: Regular updates and maintenance from ManyChat ensure that the platform stays current with the latest trends and technologies in chatbot development. Users appreciate these updates as they continuously enhance the platform’s capabilities and user experience.

  5. Testimonials and Feedback: Positive testimonials from a wide range of businesses underscore ManyChat’s effectiveness in improving customer engagement and streamlining communication processes. Users often report increased customer satisfaction and improved response times as key benefits of using ManyChat.

⑤ ManyChat Customer Support

ManyChat offers versatile support options. Their comprehensive support material is easily accessible under the Help tab, where you can find guidance on using ManyChat’s features or troubleshooting. For more direct assistance, submitting a ticket to their support team is an option. Additionally, engaging with the ManyChat community is beneficial for networking, asking questions, and sharing ideas. This multi-channel support system enhances the user experience significantly.

For more detailed insights, you can visit ManyChat’s support page.

⑥ Is it worth the money?

ManyChat’s worth depends largely on your use case. It’s a resounding yes for those heavily invested in Facebook marketing or managing a large Facebook page. However, if Facebook isn’t a significant part of your strategy, or if you don’t plan to scale up soon, the premium version of ManyChat might not be necessary. Overall, ManyChat excels as a Facebook Messenger bot, offering robust features and excellent lead generation tools, regardless of your business size.

⑦ Conclusion

ManyChat, an AI chatbot platform, excels in customer engagement through channels like Facebook Messenger. While some users may initially find it challenging, investing time to understand its functionality pays off. Renowned for creating effective Facebook chatbots, ManyChat offers both free and paid plans, allowing businesses to test its suitability for their needs. Despite a few drawbacks, ManyChat’s powerful capabilities often make it a valuable investment for many companies looking to enhance their digital interaction.


ManyChat is a chatbot platform that enables businesses to create and manage chatbots for customer interaction, primarily on Facebook Messenger.

Yes, ManyChat offers a free plan with basic features, suitable for small businesses or those just starting with chatbots.

Yes, ManyChat integrates with several platforms, including Shopify, Zapier, and various CRM systems.

Yes, ManyChat allows for the automation of conversations and interactions, including automated responses and triggers.

Yes, ManyChat is an effective tool for marketing campaigns, especially on Facebook, allowing targeted messaging and customer segmentation.

While initially focused on Facebook Messenger, ManyChat also supports other platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp.

The Pro Plan offers advanced features, unlimited messaging, and more integration options compared to the limited features of the Free Plan.

ManyChat can integrate with payment platforms to facilitate transactions within the chat interface.

Yes, ManyChat is known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy to set up and manage chatbots without technical expertise.

Yes, ManyChat provides analytics and reporting tools to track chatbot performance and customer interactions.

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