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Nitro PDF Pro Coupon Codes & Discount Codes

Nitro PDF Pro 14 Coupon Codes & Reviews

[Verified] March 2, 2024

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In today’s digital landscape, effectively managing and maintaining PDF documents is crucial for both individuals and businesses. As the need for a reliable and user-friendly PDF management application continues to rise, Nitro PDF Pro has established itself as a prominent solution that offers an impressive combination of affordability and feature-rich functionality.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the latest iteration of Nitro PDF Pro, version 14, and conduct a thorough analysis of its capabilities. Our objective is to assist you in evaluating whether Nitro PDF Pro 14 is the ideal choice for fulfilling your PDF requirements.

Table of Contents

About Nitro PDF Pro 14

Nitro PDF Pro stands out as a powerful software solution for effectively managing and controlling PDF documents. With its latest iteration, Nitro PDF Pro 14, users can expect an even more impressive and user-friendly experience, thanks to its redesigned interface and a wide range of outstanding features. It is worth mentioning that this review is based on our own firsthand experiences with the software, and it is important to note that the features discussed here are just a selection among the extensive offerings provided by Nitro PDF. For a more comprehensive understanding of the software’s capabilities, we encourage you to visit the official website of Nitro PDF.

Getting Started with Nitro PDF Pro 14

The introduction to Nitro PDF Pro 14 is a breeze, thanks to its refreshed appearance, updated icons, and an intuitively redesigned ribbon bar that enhances usability. To begin your Nitro PDF Pro 14 journey, simply download and install the setup file.

Upon installation, you’ll be greeted with a familiar interface reminiscent of popular Microsoft Office applications. The software’s intuitive navigation ensures that users of all levels, whether beginners or experienced users, can effortlessly explore its features.

One notable advantage is the absence of any sign-up or log-in requirements, allowing users to dive straight into editing and managing their PDFs without any unnecessary obstacles.

Furthermore, during our testing, we appreciated the trial version’s non-intrusive nature, as it did not inundate us with constant purchase notifications. This ensured a hassle-free experience, allowing us to focus on exploring the software’s capabilities.

Key Features of Nitro PDF Pro 14

Nitro PDF Pro 14 offers a wide range of features designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals and individuals. While it’s impossible to cover every feature in detail, we have extensively tested and explored some of the core functionalities to provide you with a comprehensive overview.

Custom PDF Editing

Whether you’re a professional or an individual, Nitro PDF Pro 14 has you covered with its extensive set of editing tools. Within Nitro PDF Pro 14, you can effortlessly add, delete, and modify text.

During our initial experience with editing a sample PDF, we were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to add text, make font changes, and adjust its position. The process was seamless and intuitive.

Moving on to more complex editing tasks, Nitro PDF Pro 14 handled them with finesse, eliminating the need for additional software. We successfully worked on tasks such as editing Bates numbering, page labeling, and processing multiple files in a single batch, all without any issues.

Furthermore, we explored the ability to add logos, dynamic bookmarks, watermarks, and page numbers to multiple PDFs, and Nitro PDF Pro 14 consistently delivered excellent results. It never let us down in terms of performance and reliability.

Effortless Annotations

PDFs are widely used for reports, presentations, and portfolios, often requiring various markup operations. Whether you’re a professional, individual, or student, managing annotations can sometimes be challenging. However, with Nitro PDF Pro 14, handling different types of markups becomes a breeze.

To assess its usability, we conducted tests by highlighting multiple PDFs in different states, including poorly structured ones. We were pleased to find that annotating them was easy and straightforward.

Taking it a step further, we decided to test the software’s potential by embedding links, images, and files within the PDFs. Nitro PDF Pro 14 exceeded our expectations and handled these tasks flawlessly. Our thorough testing revealed that all markup tools are reliable and cater to the needs of various users. Therefore, if you’re concerned about whether Nitro PDF Pro 14 can fulfill your markup requirements, rest assured that it is up to the task.

Combine and Convert PDFs

Merging multiple PDFs has always been a cumbersome task, and many tools struggle to handle it efficiently. Professionals, in particular, may have encountered this issue frequently. To address this challenge, Nitro PDF Pro 14 offers a built-in “Combine” tool that simplifies the process of merging PDF files.

In our testing, we added multiple PDF files to assess the capabilities of Nitro PDF Pro 14’s “Combine” tool, and the results were promising. We encountered no issues with the tool, except for the processing time, which could be a bit lengthy for larger files.

When it comes to converting PDFs to other document formats, the task can often be more troublesome, as the structure of the PDF may get disturbed. While there are numerous tools available for this purpose, none seem to get the conversion process completely right.

To put Nitro PDF Pro 14 to the test, we converted PDF documents to various formats, and to our surprise, the accuracy of the conversion was comparable to that of premium PDF management tools.

It is important to note that no tool is perfect, and we did observe that Nitro PDF Pro 14 struggled to maintain the structure when dealing with PDFs containing complex tables or images. However, such instances were rare, and for most PDFs, Nitro PDF Pro 14 performed admirably in preserving the structure during the conversion process.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Thanks to advancements in smartphone camera technology, people now rely less on traditional scanners unless they work in organizational settings. However, documents scanned using smartphones may not always be suitable for editing due to factors like low light or excessive glare.

To test the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities of Nitro PDF Pro 14, we uploaded a variety of scanned documents, ranging from poorly scanned to well-scanned ones. Our findings revealed that Nitro PDF Pro 14 successfully recognized the majority of the scanned documents, with only a few poorly scanned ones posing challenges.

The OCR tool within Nitro PDF Pro 14 allows for instant search and editing operations without the need for conversion. We were impressed with the flexibility offered by Nitro PDF Pro 14’s OCR tool.

Among all the tools we explored, the OCR tool proved to be exceptionally helpful. It enabled us to edit and digitize numerous physical documents with ease. If you’re in search of software that excels at managing scanned documents, look no further than Nitro PDF Pro 14. It is a reliable choice for all your OCR needs.


Digital signatures play a crucial role in enhancing business performance across various organizations.

Professionals can greatly benefit from Nitro PDF Pro 14’s “QuickSign” tool, which offers a significant advantage: once a digital signature is added using this feature, it becomes an integral part of the final document and cannot be modified or removed.

Creating a signature is a breeze with Nitro PDF Pro 14’s QuickSign tool. The tool offers the flexibility to create new signatures based on your preference, allowing you to include them in PDFs as text, images, or drawings.

During our testing, we found that the QuickSign tool performed as advertised. The signatures we created were displayed accurately in the selected PDF files and remained unalterable and immune to removal.

An added layer of security comes in the form of the “Password Protect” feature within the QuickSign tool. This feature further enhances the security of the digital signatures by protecting them with a password, ensuring that they are secure and tamper-proof.

Password Security

When dealing with PDFs that contain private and sensitive information, it is crucial to ensure they are protected and not accessible to unauthorized users. One reliable approach to achieving this is by utilizing password protection.

If you are seeking a robust solution to safeguard your PDFs and restrict access, look no further than the “Password Security” tool offered by Nitro PDF Pro 14.

The key advantage of this tool lies in its flexibility to set passwords for specific access restrictions, including printing access. Additionally, you can apply restrictions to prevent the copying of text and images from the PDF.

Based on our testing, we found that the Password Security tool performs exceptionally well. Even when shared with other users on different computers, the protection remains intact, as it consistently prompts for the password whenever the PDF is opened.

We believe this tool serves as an invaluable asset for both organizations and individuals who need to protect confidential documents. It provides an effective means of ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive information within PDF files.

Document Accessibility

In the realm of PDF management tools, only a few prioritize providing accessibility support for their users. The latest version of Nitro PDF Pro 14 has taken a significant stride by introducing “Document Accessibility” support, which proves to be highly reliable for individuals with special needs.

This feature eliminates the need for individuals, students, or professionals with disabilities to rely on multiple tools to manage and maintain PDFs effectively.

Nitro’s proactive step towards accessibility sets an example for other PDF management software, as it demonstrates a commendable approach to making digital information accessible to all.

The Document Accessibility support encompasses various tools, and during our testing, we focused on evaluating the “Auto Tag” feature, which proved to be a remarkable addition. Auto Tag is a special feature designed for beginners that automatically identifies the content of a PDF and assigns appropriate tags.

Nitro’s Document Accessibility support offers several key advantages, including:

  1. Auto-tagging documents, tables, and lists with ease.
  2. Assigning accessibility tags, roles, and reading order in tagged PDFs.
  3. Efficient management of artifacts.
  4. Specifying human languages in tagged PDFs.
  5. Embedding fonts to ensure consistency across devices.
  6. Providing alternate text for images.
  7. Marking PDF/UA compliance for accessibility standards.

After thorough testing, we can confidently affirm that all the accessibility tools provided by Nitro PDF Pro 14 are reliable. Features like the Screen Reader, font embedding, and document marking serve as invaluable companions for fulfilling your specific accessibility requirements.

Highlights of Our Experience with Nitro PDF Pro 14

Our experience with Nitro PDF Pro 14 left a positive impression, and there are several aspects that stood out to us.

First and foremost, the intuitive interface and seamless navigation caught our attention right from the start. Within a matter of minutes, we felt comfortable using the tool as if we had been familiar with it for a long time. If you’re concerned about the complexity of the software, rest assured that the newer versions have become much more user-friendly.

In terms of features, we were pleased to find that all the necessary tools for PDF management are conveniently located in one place. There’s no need to download additional software just to access a few extra tools.

When it comes to performance, all the tools functioned as expected, and the processing time for specific operations was just right. We must highlight the exceptional performance of the OCR tool, which proved to be immensely helpful and reliable.

In addition to the comprehensive set of editing, merging, converting, and miscellaneous tools, we were particularly impressed with the “QuickSign” and “Password Security” features. These tools effectively protect PDFs and prevent unauthorized access.

Furthermore, the accessibility tools provided by Nitro PDF Pro 14 are a valuable asset for individuals with special needs. They enhance the accessibility of documents and cater to diverse requirements.

In conclusion, our confidence in Nitro PDF Pro 14 grew steadily as we explored its features and functionalities. It offers everything we needed, and the accuracy and precision of the operations performed were commendable.

Pros & Cons

While Nitro PDF Pro 14 offers impressive features, we discovered a few areas where the software could be enhanced during our thorough testing.

One aspect that caught our attention is the interface. Although we initially praised its intuitive design, upon closer examination, we noticed that it had lost its originality in an attempt to resemble Microsoft Office applications in the newer versions. We believe that preserving a distinct and unique interface would have been preferable.

Despite the exceptional performance of Nitro PDF Pro 14, we encountered some difficulties when it came to merging and converting operations, especially with large PDF files that had complex structures involving multiple images and tables. These tasks proved to be challenging for the software.

Based on our comprehensive testing, we identified an opportunity for improvement in the processing speed of Nitro PDF Pro 14. Faster processing would enhance the overall reliability and efficiency of the software.

Furthermore, we couldn’t help but miss the vibrant color scheme of the previous versions of Nitro PDF Pro. While this may be a subjective preference, we believe that reintroducing a livelier color palette could enhance the overall visual appeal of the software.

In conclusion, although Nitro PDF Pro 14 has its strengths, such as its feature set and performance, there are areas where refinements can be made to further enhance the user experience. By addressing the interface design, optimizing performance for complex PDFs, improving processing speed, and considering the color scheme, Nitro PDF Pro 14 has the potential to become an even more reliable and visually appealing PDF management solution.

Availability and Pricing

Nitro PDF Pro 14 is a versatile software available for Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms. While there is no free version, you can explore all the features by downloading and installing the trial version.

When it comes to pricing, Nitro PDF Pro 14 offers three different plans: PDF, eSign, and Platform plans. All three plans are available as subscription-based options. However, if your primary requirement is PDF editing, you can consider the PDF plan, which offers a one-time payment option with lifetime validity. 

If you require eSignature support and features with Nitro Sign Essentials, there are subscription plans available starting from $14 per month, and no one-time purchase option is available for this specific plan. By using the coupon we provide, you can enjoy a 30% discount.

For a more comprehensive solution that includes both PDF editing and eSignature capabilities, you can explore the Platform Plans, which start at $9.99 per month and have a limit of 20 users. If you represent an organization and require additional flexibility, you can contact the sales team to discuss customized options.

It’s important to review the pricing details on Nitro’s official website or consult with their sales team for the most up-to-date information and to ensure you select the plan that best fits your specific needs.


Nitro PDF Pro 14 is a robust software solution for managing PDF files with utmost ease and efficiency. It offers an extensive array of features and a user-friendly design, making it an excellent choice for individuals and professionals seeking full control over their PDF documents.

With its wide range of tools and support for collaboration, Nitro PDF Pro 14 stands out as a reliable option. It enhances productivity and efficiency when working with PDF files, ensuring precise and accurate results. Whether you’re a corporate professional, educator, or individual, Nitro PDF Pro 14 caters to all your needs effectively.

FAQ About Nitro PDF

The free trial period for Nitro’s PDF and eSign software lasts for 14 days. Starting the trial does not require a credit card, and there will be no charges incurred during this period in any form.

Nitro PDF Pro is a comprehensive PDF tool designed for individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises. It offers a range of features, including PDF editing, creation, combining, conversion to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats, form creation, and eSignature functionality. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices.

Nitro Sign, on the other hand, is a dedicated electronic signature solution available in various versions for individuals, small teams, and multiple teams within an organization. It provides secure, compliant, and legally binding eSignature capabilities, along with features such as templates, custom branding, bulk signing, audit trails, workflow automation, identity verification for Hi-Trust eSignature requirements, third-party integrations, and a powerful API.

The Nitro Productivity Platform is a comprehensive suite of PDF and eSign tools tailored for businesses. It offers a wide range of features aimed at enhancing productivity and efficiency, including software integrations, business intelligence and analytics, and automation capabilities. This platform enables organizations to streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and optimize document management processes.

In summary, Nitro PDF Pro focuses on providing versatile PDF management capabilities, Nitro Sign specializes in electronic signature functionality, and the Nitro Productivity Platform offers a complete set of tools for businesses to optimize their productivity and document workflows.

No, there are no feature restrictions during your free trial period with Nitro.

You will have access to the complete set of features available in our paid version of the PDF and eSign software.

We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to try Nitro for free and fully explore all the product features without any limitations or obligations.


Nitro PDF Pro is fully compatible with both MacOS and iOS, allowing users on these platforms to access and utilize its features seamlessly.

Whether you’re using a Mac computer or an iOS device, you can enjoy the benefits and functionality of Nitro PDF Pro.

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