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Purple Carrot Review – Read This Before You Buy (2021 Upd.)

In a nutshell: For those looking to lose weight, a healthy choice is Purple Carrot, a vegan meal delivery company which sends the ingredients for its delicious plant-based recipes directly to your door. They have gluten free and high protein meal plans, give you the option to customize your order every week and offer reasonable prices.


With the plethora of weight-loss programs on the market, it’s a serious challenge to find the right solution for a particular individual. While some people choose a vegan diet out of ethical concerns, there are considerable health benefits as well. Some research shows that going vegan leads to reducing the number of high-calorie foods one consumes.

That’s where Purple Carrot, the vegan meal kit delivery service, comes in. The convenient and affordable service delivers plant-based ingredients to your doorstep. They offer delicious and creative recipes that take full advantage of vegetables, grains, and more. Rather than coming up with vegan recipes yourself or going to the grocery store, the ingredients arrive to your home on a weekly basis.

To start, fill in the short questionnaire to indicate your dietary and cooking preferences. Then Purple Carrot will come up with a suggested meal plan for you!

Ideal For


Purple Carrot is best suited for those who are already vegans or are open to exploring new flavors, new ingredients, and the benefits of plant-based eating.

It is also great for those who are interested in eating home-cooked meals but are short on time. The meals come ready to cook, saving one time at the recipe-planning stage, at the store and on the cutting up and preparing of ingredients.

Menu Variety


Before signing up, the website will ask about some of your priorities when it comes to nutrition. Do you prefer a high protein diet? Perhaps you can only order a gluten-free menu. Whatever your preference, Purple Carrot will direct you to recommend menu options to suit your dietary needs.

Purple Carrot has 4 meals plans – High Protein, Gluten Free, Quick & Easy and Chef’s Choice. Each plan includes 3 dinners and serves 2 people. If you don’t want a particular plan you can customize your order every week. You can add on more meals every week and other breakfast and lunch extras. They have options like overnight oats, green smoothies, grain bowls, and salads.

Changing your meal plan is super easy and you’re able to see which meals are included in your plan for the upcoming 4 weeks.

So if you’re looking for a weight-loss program, Purple Carrot will provide all you need to get started with a customized meal plan. The service delivers ingredients to your doorstep every week. Follow the recipes online and create your health, and delicious, plant-based dishes.


  • 2 Serving Plan: $11.99 + Free Shipping 

Customers have their pick of two serving plans. With the first, you pay $11.99 per serving with free shipping included. The flexible pricing allows you to choose either 3 dinners ($51.94 with a discount upon signup) or 4 dinners per week ($75.92 per week). 

  • 4 Serving Plan: $9.99 + Free Shipping 

Bump up your order for an even cheaper price per serving. If you opt for the 4 Serving Plan, you pay $9.99 per serving with 2 dinners per week ($59.92 with discount on your first week) or 3 dinners ($99.88 for your first week).

Other meal delivery plans may offer similar pricing, but include expensive items such as meat or fish. That being said, Purple Carrot also runs frequent promotions. You may benefit from a $20 discount for signing up to try out the service.

Shipping is free and skipping a delivery is as simple as clicking “Skip” on any given week when you’re logged in.

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. As an alternative to permanently canceling, Purple Carrot offers the option to pause upcoming orders for up to ten weeks.

Customer Support


Have any questions or need assistance? You can easily reach Purple Carrot customer support directly through their website. In addition to the self-service options like an FAQ, you can contact support through the convenient live chat feature.  

Although Purple Carrot doesn’t have an app, we found their service team very helpful and responsive. Other contact options include by phone at 1-857-703-8188 Monday-Friday (9 AM-5 PM EST) or via email.

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