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Reviews for Open2Study Free Online Courses


Founded in 2013, Open2Study is an up and coming online course service, providing users with completely free of charge courses in a variety of categories including arts, humanities, financing, business, and education. Open2Study is designed for users who wish to learn at their own pace with unlimited course access and personalized assessments, Users who successfully complete a course will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement.

Course Offering

Backed by Open Universities Australia (OUA), Open2Study provides users with complete access to its wide selection of virtual courses, completely free of charge. Open2Study’s online courses are available in a number of categories including business, education and training, arts and humanities, management, marketing, science, and technology. Students who successfully complete their online courses will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement denoting that they have met the necessary course requirements.


Open2Study is especially recommended for students who wish to study at their own pace with completely free and open online courses. Open2Study does not offer performance feedback or statistics but does rely on virtual study groups, peer assessments, and forum activity to help students rate their learning progress and overall performance.

Ease of Use

Though Open2Study does not offer mobile apps, the service is still very accessible, and very easy and straightforward to use, as students will be able to gain complete access to any course, at any time and from any PC with an internet connection, and enjoy unlimited access to all of Open2Study’s course selections. Open2Study heavily relies on its student community’s participation, encouraging students to partake in the website’s forum, submit detailed peer assessments and rate online courses and categories. The service even allows its users the opportunity to join group chats so as to form virtual study groups.

The only major drawback I could find where this online course provider is concerned is in its lack of offered mobile apps and its relatively minimalistic approach to studying online. While some of its more prominent competitors offer personalized performance feedback and success rating provided by trained industry experts, Open2Study relies solely on peer assessment as a success indicator.

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