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Tiny Undies Review & Coupon Code

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I bought both the 12m and 18m as I wasn't sure which would fit my 16m old best. He's about 20-21lbs. Both fit, but the 18mon fits best & I will get the most use out of them. I'm used to everything being in 9-12m size since my lo is always in 10% for height and weight. Not with these! Accurate sizing. Was no issue returning the 12mon size. Super cute on. Soon we will begin potty training & I'm so glad to have undies that will fit my little guy once diapers are done with.


These undies are the best! I couldn’t find anything small enough for my skinny little boy when he started potty training at 15 months. These fit well and are so stinking cute. Trainers are great too!


We have now ordered 3 pairs of size 18 month tiny undies for my 21 month old son. He is slim, tall and with not much toosh. Based on some reviews I was nervous about ordering size 18 month vs 2t thinking they would be too small however, they fit well and still have room to be used for the next 6 months at least. I would definitely use the size chart to best guide you but also keeping in mind the growth and uniqueness of your own child. These undies have been amazing for potty learning, if you are on a potty journey I definitely reccomend getting Andrea's Tiny Potty Training book (or EC book for kiddos younger than 18 months) and the Tiny Potty board book. This company's products truly have been life changing and I'm glad I found it!


Love letting my little guy do tummy time in his tiny undies so his legs get a full range of motion as opposed to wearing a bulky diaper. The 6-12 months fit him snug at just 4 months old, and he is in the 30% for his age. May need to order the next size up sooner than expected. But enjoying them while they last.


We started potty-training with my daughter when she was 25 months old, and weighed about 20 lb. We're not using training pants or pull-ups (using the Oh Crap! method), so we needed underwear for her, and I had the HARDEST time finding anything small enough to fit her, much less anything made of 100% cotton that would fit her. I bought two sets of 12-month Tiny Undies, and a set from another brand; the Tiny Undies are the best, hands down! They fit snugly, without being too tight, and actually stay up on her. The other brand fits okay in the waist, but is pretty baggy and doesn't fit her legs snugly. The Tiny Undies hold up really really well in the wash, too.
If your kid is petite, I cannot recommend Tiny Undies enough!
It's now five months since we switched her from daipers to underwear, and she's now outgrowing the 12-month size, so I just ordered a couple sets of the 18-month, and I'll keep buying this brand until she's too big for them.

FAQ About LashLiner

Most underwear meant for young children isn’t so little. If you’re looking for sizes younger than 2T, it ain’t happenin’.

Author and potty training expert Andrea Olson, who wrote the book on elimination communication, decided it was time to change that.

Olson and her team designed and created underwear for tiny humans that’s comfortable and works! Whether you’re potty training a 1 year old, or using elimination communication (EC) with your infant, Tiny Undies are the go-to underwear.

For some little ones, training pants are the best option. But there are a couple benefits to just using underwear.

  1. Training pants feel a lot like diapers to a toilet training toddler or baby.
  2. Tiny Undies have a double-layer crotch with no padding, which helps reinforce EC or potty training.

Tiny Undies were created to provide a stylish, gender neutral option for parents and young children. They come in bold, fun colors and patterns. If you’ve ever checked out the toddler underwear aisle, they’re either plain white, or plastered with a few select cartoon characters.

With Tiny Undies, even if your little girl isn’t a princess fan or your boy doesn’t like superheroes, they can still have a fun underwear option.

Another perk to solid colors: it makes accidents that much easier to spot. This is helpful to reinforce potty training and make sure little ones don’t stay wet and risk getting a diaper rash.

The different color options currently include:

  • Natural/undyed
  • Bubblegum pink
  • Strawberry/red
  • Aqua blue
  • Fig green
  • Tangerine orange
  • Blackberry purple
  • Chalkboard grey

If you want something a little more festive than bright solid colors, Tiny Undies also offers cute patterns that work for any gender. There are nearly half a dozen options ranging from leaves, to watermelons, to a soft grey winterscape scene.

Since Tiny Undies come in such a wide range of sizes, it’s much easier to get a good fit. The underwear is trim and truly unisex. For boys the “pouch” section in the middle lays flat so girls don’t have to deal with a bulge in the area. And they now come in both briefs and boxer brief options.

Unlike us mamas who may like high waisted pants in a maternity wardrobe, Tiny Undies are low rise. Young toddlers and babies tend to naturally have protruding tummies, and higher waist underwear can pinch and constrict the area.

Tiny Undies don’t have any annoying, itchy tags. And the waistband is soft and thick for a secure, comfortable fit. The leg gussets on the small baby underwear is tight enough to hug the leg, but not so tight it’s constricting.

Here’s where to find Tiny Undies, Tiny Boxers, and even Tiny Training pants. While you’re there you can also check out the infant potties, wet bags, cloth diapers, and more.

Save $5 Off For Tiny Undies Using Our Exclusive Coupon Code:


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