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Udacity Review: Are Nanodegrees Worth it in 2021?


Working under the assumption that higher education should be accessible, affordable, and engaging, Udacity provides users with free of charge, easily accessible online courses in the business, exact sciences, and tech fields. Offering interactive, project-based online courses with personalized performance feedback for users who wish to enroll, Udacity users will also receive a recognized and verified certificate upon course completion.

Udacity is recommended for its fully accessible, professional online courses in business and technology-related fields. Featuring structured, project-oriented online courses, personalized performance feedback, and a verified certificate upon completion, Udacity is a high-quality online course provider that is recommended for students who wish to study at their own pace, and who are looking for free, ‘hands-on’ courses.

Course Offering

Udacity’s offered online courses are unique in that they are project-oriented, meaning that courses are interactive and dynamic, and include a plethora of practice tutorials and materials. Ultimately, students who successfully complete their online courses (with an above 60 average) will not only receive a verified certificate recognized by over 80 higher education organizations but will also be able to incorporate ensuing projects into their work portfolio.

Offering online courses in tech and business-related fields, Udacity is recommended for individuals who are looking for high quality, well-structured, highly accessible online courses, that are completely free of charge.

The only major drawback I could find where this online course service is concerned is in its relatively limited course selection. Though the service does provide unlimited access and free of charge courses, its course selection is limited to business, exact sciences, and technology courses. Also, Udacity’s courses are in English only and do not offer any translations or foreign language subtitles for foreign students.


Students who wish to pay a little extra and enroll for any given online course offered by Udacity will also be able to enjoy a personal coach that will carefully monitor their progress, providing personalized project design and code feedback on each completed project. Enrollment fees vary according to the online course in question.

Ease of Use

Udacity offers an easy to use platform with a full array of features. All of the online courses offered by this service have unlimited access, and students can study at their own pace, at any time and from anywhere, with the ability to pause course progression, go back and review previously completed projects and course materials, and retake quizzes and practice tutorials.

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