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VirtualShield VPN Review – Is it Worth the Money?

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Virtual Shield VPN

You have the right to remain private.

Browse the web safely and anonymously.

Free Trial

What is VirtualShield VPN?

As you can already tell from the name, VirtualShield VPN is a Virtual Private Network service. It is developed and maintained by VirtualShield.

The product is relatively newer on the market, but it promises enhanced protective features across a number of different platforms.

The service itself is quite affordable, and it offers several protection plans, of which the only difference seems to the number of supported devices, ranging from 3 to 15 different devices.

What are VirtualShield VPN’s main features?

Like all Virtual Private Networks, VirtualShield has servers scattered all around the world in all major countries. In fact, it has servers in the following regions:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Singapore

Because of the abundance of servers, accessing geo-blocked content will be a thing of the past, such as YouTube videos that would otherwise be blocked in your country, or if you are interested in the Netflix library of a country other than your own.

For those of you that are fans of torrenting content, you should know that you can safely do so using VirtualShield since it will block any possible trackers that may lead back to you without affecting the bandwidth, and therefore your download and upload speeds.

Its high level of security also ensures that your incoming and outgoing traffic cannot be read by third-parties, not even your own Internet Service Providers (ISP).

This particular trick is especially interesting when making online purchases while connected to public networks, like the ones in airports.

However, note that this only applies to the Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS apps, since the browser extensions will only cover what you do within the browser, and not torrenting software.

This service will protect and encrypt your entire Internet connection, including all of the software on your devices, such as games, web browsers, e-mail, and anything else that requires a constant connection to the Internet.


Virtual Shield VPN

You have the right to remain private.

Browse the web safely and anonymously.

Free Trial

How do I use VirtualShield?

    1. Download and install VirtualShield VPN
    2. Launch VirtualShield VPN
    3. Select Connect

By following these steps, you should now be connected to the VPN and benefit from all of its protective features.

However, if you wish to switch the server so that you can access another region’s content simply do the following:

  1. Launch VirtualShield VPN
  2. Select the country flag that you are currently connected to
  3. Choose a different location from the dropdown menu

Once this is done, you can minimize the program and it will remain hidden in the System Tray where it will continue to provide protection until you decide to close it.

Additionally, you can select the option to make VirtualSHield VPN launch at PC startup, so that you can enjoy its privacy features by default.

Which version of VirtualShield VPN should I choose?

Subscribing to the VirtualSHield VPN service will grant you access to all of the downloadable clients you desire, and you can even use them at the same time if you feel like it.

However, you should know that the browser extensions were mostly designed for older PCs, such as the ones that are still running Windows XP or Windows Vista.

If you’re PC can easily handle anything from Windows 7 or newer, then the desktop app is recommended.

Faq For VirtualShield VPN

As of now, VirtualShield VPN has servers in 10 different regions.

Unfortunately, no. VirtualShield VPN does not support router integration. However, VPNs that do support this can often have problems with the router itself being incompatible.

Yes and no. Yes because no one can monitor your activity, not even hackers or your network administrator.

No, because someone could still see your browser history if they gain access to your PC, but you can always delete it if you wish.

Unfortunately, no, but you can always choose to delete your tracking history using Google’s Account settings.

Additionally, you could learn how to use your web browser’s version of Incognito Mode.

Depending on your subscription this can range between 3 and 15 devices.

Yes, you can, although you won’t see an improvement in protection if you do so.


Virtual Shield VPN

You have the right to remain private.

Browse the web safely and anonymously.

Free Trial

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