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Vocal Booth To Go Reviews & Coupon Code

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What is Vocal Booth To Go?

If you are looking forward to creating a home recording studio or voice-over room, consider Vocalboothtogo products. Vocalboothtogo lets access rare & unique acoustic sound blankets for home recording studios. Especially when you face noise issues or want to reduce noise coming in or out of your home. You can also avail yourself of many noise-reducing products at an affordable price by using the Vocal booth to go coupon code.

What makes the Vocal booth to go special?

Vocalboothtogo provides one of the best sound blankets that help to reduce unwanted noise from the background. Users will also get mobile vocal booths & acoustic room treatment that gives you full control over the eco and noise control. Besides, they also supply audio recording equipment and customizable sound blankets at a reasonable price once if you apply the Vocal booth to go discount code.

Why you need a Vocal booth to go

Practicing a singing session requires many tools and pieces of equipment. What if you could find a solution both for your singing, including voice-over along with instruments practice. Interested people can also acquire mobile acoustic vocal booths widely used for events, live recordings, and studio sessions. You can also get these products at an affordable price by applying the Vocal booth to go promo code.

Product & price

  • ACCU Booth 3 = Acoustic Vocal Booth 3×3 (AVB3) – Price $895.75
  • Acoustic Sound Blankets Producer’s Choice: Size 80″ x 80″ – Price $46.62 – $58.90
  • Voice Over Mobile Audio Recording Booth Pre-Order Only – Price $399.99
  • Portable Hanging Acoustic Booth -Price $149.99
  • Moving Blanket for DIY Vocal Booth – Price $19.02
  • VB71 Acoustic Blanket Producers Choice Black (80″ H x 80″ W) – Price $46.62
  • Echo and Reverberation Acoustic Treatment – Price $20.05 – $95.88
  • ACCU Booth 4 = Acoustic Vocal Booth 4×4 (AVB4) – Price $995.75


If you have received any damaged products, you can return them in under five days.

Yes, you can return any products in under 30 days.

You can pay via VISA, Credit Card (Master Card), PayPal & American Express.

20% OFF

Get 20% Off on All Orders

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