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Noom Review: What happens a year after you try weight-loss app Noom

In a nutshell: Noom brings state-of-the-art to weight loss with its health and wellness mobile technology. Although it doesn’t come cheap, customers rave about their success in achieving weight loss and fitness goals through this fitness app. The Noom weight loss app includes food, exercise, weight logging, searchable recipes, and more.

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With so many fad diets and fitness programs out there, it can become overwhelming trying to figure out which one to choose to achieve weight loss goals. Not to mention, the temptation of fast food and pizza delivery seems to get in the way. Plus not everyone can afford to shell out money for a personal trainer.

The Noom weight loss app combines state-of-the-art technology with personalized coaching, enabling users to finally achieve health and fitness goals. The New York City startup promotes health and wellness using mobile technology and comes with food and exercise logging, coaching, and searchable recipes.

Ideal For


The Noom weight loss app makes it easy to get started, as long as you have some familiarity with using a smartphone and apps. Those less familiar with smartphones and tablets may have a hard time using the system and should opt for more traditional weight loss programs.

However, if you feel comfortable using a computer or smartphone, you should have no trouble at all learning how to use Noom. The app comes in several different languages including English, Korean, Japanese, German, and Spanish.

The Noom weight loss program makes an especially great choice for those who love using apps on their smartphone. Noom literally puts fitness coaching and motivation at your fingertips. Starting off, you can fill in a short form about your fitness goals and current lifestyle. After that, you’ll be able to track your progress, reach out for guidance, and find recipes all from the app.

Menu Variety


Unlike other weight loss programs that may send recipe ingredients or prepackaged meals, Noom weight loss functions more as an accountability and coaching app. Rather than sending pre-packed meals to your door, the Noom app has a searchable database of recipes.

On the plus side, this allows users to really learn for themselves how to adapt and maintain healthy eating habits. Plus, their recipes cater to a variety of dietary preferences. However, those who can’t find the time to cook or don’t want to may want to opt for a weight loss delivery plan instead.



New users can try out Noom with the free trial version for 14 days. Signing up for the full application can get pricey costing $199 for an annual subscription. Noom boasts many of the standard features found on free apps, but their robust mobile technology offers much more than your typical weight loss program. Even with the high cost upfront, customers rave about the app as an effective way to reach weight loss goals.

Customer Support


Noom caters to an international market, and their app comes available not only in English, but also several languages spoken worldwide. Before signing up, Noom presents some basic answers to commonly asked questions to help introduce their product. The FAQ also includes more in-depth information relating to technical issues and app features. For assistance, customers can contact Noom by filling in an online contact form. The Noom weight loss program also has a fitness blog as well as active social media pages.

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