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Lynda.com Reviews – Legit or Scam?


An industry veteran, lynda.com has grown to be one of the premier online course providers to date. Offering customers over two thousand courses in an impressive array of genres, focusing predominantly on web and tech-related courses, lynda.com users will be able to take advantage of high-quality online courses with first-class instructors, a variety of downloadable mobile apps, customizable playlists, and unlimited course access upon subscription.

Providing customers with an extensive, 2000+ online course selection in a wide range of subjects, all of which carry unlimited access upon subscription, lynda.com is a customer favorite. This online course provider is especially recommended for its first-rate course materials and course instructors.

Course Offering

Featuring over two thousand online courses in a variety of genres from game design and development to writing, business skills, and leadership, lynda.com provides its customers with very high-quality online courses taught by the best-rated instructors and industry experts.


Customers can choose between four flexible pricing plans upon subscription, including month-to-month pricing plans and annual pricing plans, in addition to group plans designed to allow up to 5 users on each account. All pricing plans boast unlimited course access at any time and from anywhere, as well as access to new courses.

Though lynda.com is less affordable than some of its competitors, in addition to customers having to subscribe for a given amount of time to access the service’s online course library, this online course provider does offer unlimited access to as many courses as you could ever wish to view, and customers who sign up for a premium account will also gain access to downloadable project files and offline viewing materials.

Ease of Use

lynda.com is very much recommended for its ease of use and featured intuitive control panel wherein customers can easily control their viewed courses, add or remove courses and continue where they last left off.

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