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Project E Beauty FACE & NECK Facial Mask Review 2021

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The 7-color LED Photon therapy Facial Beauty Skin Care Mask from Project E Beauty is a brilliantly-designed LED mask designed to treat a huge range of skin conditions and complaints. It can reduce and prevent the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles, fight fatty areas, inhibit the development of melanin pigment and improve the elasticity of your skin, resulting in a healthier, more youthful appearance.


As suggested by the name, you can choose between 7 different colors when setting up your mask for a treatment. These colors range from 390nm (purple) to 650 nm (red), and each is chosen because it brings special benefits to the skin.

For example, you can select red, which is one of the most effective colors at increasing blood circulation and stimulates collagen production for anti-aging, while cyan is good for soothing inflammation and purple is relaxing and improves lymph metabolism.

Ease Of Use

The mask is very easy to use. After washing and drying your face, you simply switch it on, choose your color and set the timer, before putting it on your face. With a shipping weight of 2.8 pounds (1.3 kg), it is fairly heavy, so to prevent discomfort it may be best for you to lay back and relax during your treatment, but you can see out of the ‘eye holes’!

A suggested treatment plan from the manufacturers is 10-15 minute per session, with 3-4 sessions per week, which you can reduce to 1-2 per week once you achieve your desired results. Included in the set, you will find the LED mask, remote control, USB cable, power cord and a comprehensive user guide.


Project E’s mission is to provide “world class excellence’. They pride themselves on the strict quality control guidelines and standards that their products must conform to, so you know you will be getting a superior product.

The lights are all LEDs, and the mask is effective at all intensity levels, so you don’t necessarily need to choose the top setting to get results. As everyone’s skin is different, we recommend starting at the lowest intensity and increasing it if you need to.


Overall, this incredibly versatile mask is a great choice for a wide range of facial conditions and complaints. Yes, the contoured design means it is less suitable for also treating other areas of your body, but it does mean that all the curves of your face will be treated, giving you a brilliant result.

Faq About Project E Beauty

Yes, they ship item worldwide.

They have warehouses in the United States, UnitedKingdom, Canada, Hong Kong and France. Items will be shipped from the closestavailable warehouse.

They use all major carriers, and local courier partners. Buyer will be able to see the estimated delivery time and shipping fee during the check-out process after entering the shipping country.

-For Standard Shipping:

The estimated delivery time displayed on the checkout page includes the preparation time to dispatch and also the shipping time altogether. The delivery time will vary a lot from country to country. In short, the shipping time alone could be around,

-For US orders:

6-12 business days

-For non-US orders:

5-23 business days

Delivery time is not guaranteed for Standard Shipping as there are lot of factor affecting its speed and thus we would suggest Express Shipping if there is a date that you would like to meet. The above are estimated time required by the postal service and does not include the processing time of the Customs in the destination country. In some cases the local Customs office of your country may require additional documents and time to have your package cleared, and this may also cause further delay on the delivery.

-For express shipping:

For the majority countries in the world, Express shipping will deliver the package to you within 3-5 business days from the date of shipment. There are occasions that the delivery may take a bit longer. Thus, please refer to the estimation that is displayed on the tracking page of the courier service, for which the URL to that page could be found on the email that our system sends you after the package is shipped.

Most of our handheld devices are dual-voltage (110V-240V) and can beused worldwide. They will ship the right machine to our customers and make surethe item can be used in the buyers’ country.

Consumer safety has always been a top priority at Project E Beauty. All our products have passed the EU CE tests and acquired the CE Certificate. Therefore, they are safe to be used.

Due to regulation, the product claimed that it cannot be used for pregnant or cancer patients

Remind: pregnant or cancer patients should be used at doctor’s advice.

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