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DesignCuts Reviews – Save Upto 50% Off

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What is Design Cuts?

DesignCuts is the ultimate resource for fonts, graphics, illustrations, tools and mockups— all the must-haves for a creative looking to build their business. They are very selective in who they allow to sell on their marketplace.

DesignCuts Review - Can You Trust It?

In case you’ve not really discovered this awesome website, here’s a bit background. DesignCuts may be the ultimate resource for fonts, graphics, illustrations, tools and mockups— the many must-haves for just a creative seeking to build their business. What makes DesignCuts different, is simply because sell collections of such creative assets in bundles in an extreme discount (90-99%). So rather then stocking high on 20 different font families for $3000+ it is possible to snag them for $29. Total. I’ve been using Design Cuts bundles for nearly two years now, and I still can’t wrap my head around the savings.

If the bundles aren’t look, and you’d rather get your resources individually, it is possible to tap into their Design Marketplace. Here, you are able to still find significant savings, and also create your own mini-bundle by pairing you buy with another resource. The more belongings you buy, the greater you save (nearly five items, for the half discount).

The Advantage of Using the DesignCuts

  1. Materials that are sold in the DesignCuts is high quality.
  2. Materials that are sold in the DesignCuts is safe to use even in commercial.
  3. You can get a free sample when you share a bundle with SNS.
  4. The reference document is convenient.
  5. Once you purchase, you can keep it for good and use again and again.
  6. Can be downloaded at any time the material that was previously purchased from DesignCuts In the account page.

Customers Reviews

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One of the best websites out there for designs resources, free & paid. My main attractions to DC are the webinars & events they organize on a regular basis where they invite some of the best in the industry to help impart knowledge, skills & techniques that can be used by anyone attending. The host Tim & his team are amazing at organizing these & their passion really shows. Glad to be part of that community.
Sam Diaz
Sam Diaz
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Design Cuts is THE best site for design resources, I love their deals and the product quality is off the charts. It’s also a great place to meet new people through their community and they also help you learn new & different techniques directly from the artists.
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I agree with all the other reviews I read: Designcuts is a great store, the products are amazing, the commercial licenses provide complete peace of mind, the designers are incredibly talented, the customer service is fabulous, the community is lovely… and the learning part, the sessions are professional, informative and so fun to watch. Designcuts also claims values I care of : generosity, kindness ... in business as well. A virtuous commercial circle that is already in a future we call in our dreams : a company that wants to treat its employees as well as it would like them to treat its customers. A company that supports its clients and designers on their path to grow, learn, improve. A helpful, fair, useful and trustable company. A company that provides more than great products. That is why, as long as it remains that way, I wish it a long and glorious life.
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