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Rocketbook Reviews – What is a rocketbook?

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What is a Rocketbook?

Rocketbook is a cloud-connected smart notebook, productivity, and app experience created by two Massachusetts natives, Joe Lemay and Jake Epstein.

In 2015, Joe and Jake hit the Rocket Labs and produced the first microwave-to-erase Rocketbook Wave as well as the endlessly reusable Rocketbook Core. Today, Rocketbook is the #1 selling notebook on Amazon and has raised over $5 million in crowdfunding campaigns. Products include the Core, Fusion, Flip, Orbit, Wave, and One.

At Rocketbook, we create reusable, cloud-connected note taking products from the future. Blast your handwritten notes and big ideas to your favorite cloud destinations with our free companion app, then erase your notebook pages with water to use again and again!

How to use Rocketbook?

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Which is the best Rocketbook?

Although Rocketbook has a lot of useful product, I recommend you its best-seller item called Rocketbook Core. This product looks like an ordinary notebook. However, you can connect it with any cloud services.

Besides, another interesting highlight of this notebook is its reusable feature. The Rocketbook Core (formerly Everlast) often comes with a pen from the Pilot Frixion line. So, it will be easier to wipe things that you wrote earlier by a damp cloth. Then, you can use the paper over and over again.

Rocketbook featured price and coupon code


Price:$32 ~ $34


Price:$35 ~ $37


Price:$35 ~ $37

Rocketbook FAQ

We recommend you only use a Pilot FriXion Pen or marker with your Rocketbook notebook. The FriXion ink is washable and that, in conjunction with the synthetic paper, is what allows the Rocketbook Core, Fusion, Flip, Mini and Orbit to erase using only a cloth dampened with water, and the Wave to be cleared in the Microwave.

The FriXion pen ink is heat sensitive and will turn invisible in temperatures above 140 degrees F. 

We recommend that you can buy it on Rocketbook Official Website, and with  15% Off sitewide coupon code, you can get a lower price.

Claim 15% Off Coupon Code

Rocketbook notebooks consist of a few different types of plastics.

Covers are made of a High-Density Polyethylene (HPDE), which is a #2 plastic. A #2 plastic is pretty common and a lot of household items, like milk containers and shampoo bottles, are made of this plastic. These can be recycled just about anywhere that accepts plastics.

The Binding is made with PVC, which is a #3 plastic. It is also accepted at most recycling centers.

Rocketbook pages are made with BPA poly-free plastic. This is a #7 plastic that items like sunglasses and large 5-gallon water bottles are made from. Most municipalities accept #7 plastic as recyclable.

We recommend using marker pens,highlighter or Pilot FriXion pens with Rocketbook notebooks.

Watch this video to find which pens is the best fit for your note-taking needs


Choose pens and accessories for your Rocketbook

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