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2021 Coursera Review: What Is Coursera & Is Coursera Worth It?


Providing users with over 400 online courses in 20 different categories, all of which are completely free of charge, Coursera’s mission is to improve the quality of education for students the world over with the help of video and audio courses, peer assessments, and iOS compatible mobile apps. Upon completion, students will receive a verified certificate, recognized by over 80 different higher education institutes.

The only major drawback I could find where this online course provider is concerned had to do with peer rating being anonymous and users reporting not having received enough feedback on their performance, in addition to feeling as though some of the assessments were unfair or downright harsh.

Course Offering

Coursera’s online course selection includes over 400 video courses in over 20 categories, including business, programming, software, education, lifestyle, math and science, music, arts and crafts, and the list goes on and on. All courses include unlimited access, practice tutorials, peer assessments and can be viewed via Coursera’s iPhone and iPad apps, as well as on any PC with an internet connection. Users who choose the service will be able to practice what they’ve learned with offered proctored exams while keeping close tabs on their progress via peer assessments given anonymously by Coursera’s growing community of over 4 million members.


Recommended for individuals who wish to bolster their education with college and university-recognized online courses in a wide selection of categories, Coursera provides customers with dynamic, structured, and completely free of charge, online courses. Users will be able to access their chosen courses any time and from anywhere and will be able to take advantage of high-quality online courses conducted by some of the leading industry experts.

Ease of Use

Coursera offers users interactive and dynamic online courses in a wide variety of categories and industries, all of which are completely free of charge and accessible at any time and from anywhere.

Since Coursera courses are significantly more structured than those of their competitors, users will have to commit time and energy in order to meet their weekly deadlines. However, users who do successfully complete their courses (with the required above 60 average), will receive a verified certificate, recognized by over 80 different higher education institutes, including prominent colleges and universities across the United States.

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